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Wild Art Safaris LLC

Meet Linda Bittner...

Founder of Wild Art Safaris LLC, travel specialist, artist, photographer, naturalist and guide.

In 2013, Linda Bittner combined her passions for travel, wildlife and art by founding Wild Art Safaris LLC providing exceptional travel opportunities for artists, photographers and non-artists who seek unique nature and cultural experiences around the world.

Linda has dedicated her career and talents to promote wildlife appreciation and conservation concepts to children and adults. She is nationally & internationally recognized for her fine art, illustration, photography and design work.


Linda has been a professional wildlife artist, photographer, illustrator & graphic designer for over 30 years, creating works for many different markets and in various styles. Much of her work has been created for children’s books, educational publishing, field guides, zoo & museum exhibits, toys, games and puzzles, novelty products, gift cards, party papers, interpretive signage as well as for marketing promotion and product development.


Her unique skill sets and vast travel experience will help in guiding you through the process of creating an extraordinary itinerary. Linda has many excellent contacts in the industry worldwide and has a talent for seeking out exceptional "off the beaten path" experiences.


Linda Bittner is a member of several prestigious professional organizations including:

The Explorers Club

The Guild of Natural Scientific Illustrators

Masterworks for Nature

"I look forward to exploring the world with you!"

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